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Call to Action for Living Seed and Living Soil – 2015

We care for Life

A message from Dr Vandana Shiva

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ACT for Living Seed and Living Soil

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The Global Movement for Seed Freedom invites you to join people and communities around the globe, from the 2nd to the 16th of October to celebrate our seeds, our soils, our land, our territories, and to create an Earth Democracy based on Living Seed, Living Soil, healthy communities and living economies.

We are living in a changing and challenging world.

We clearly have two totally different world orders, two totally different world views, two totally different paradigms evolving.

One is based on ONE Corporation with one paradigm, one agriculture, monopolies, monocultures, crushing the soil, crushing the biodiversity, crushing the small farmers, crushing our bodies with disease.

On the other hand we have millions of species, billions of people.

We, the people – cannot fail the Earth, each other and the future.

We believe that in the seed and the soil we find the answers to every one of the crises we face.

The crisis of hunger and disease, the crisis of violence and war; the crisis of the destruction of democracy.

If each of us takes a pledge to protect the Living Seed and protect the Living Soil, to grow our food as close to home as we can, in our balconies, on our terraces, with our farmers closest to us, we can also solve the climate problem, without waiting for governments to come to an agreement.

Join us in an amazing uprising of love and care where we act as one heart, as one mind and one consciousness to say no to this ecocide and genocide that is no longer a theory: it is happening all around us, to every society, in every generation and to every species.

We care for Life and we believe in the power of caring.

We will build living economies, we will become the change we want to see.

With our love: for biodiversity, for the soil, for the Earth, and for fellow human beings.

And we’ll draw inspiration, hope and strength from the fact that the will to live is stronger than the will to kill: the power to love is stronger than the power to destroy.

Join us in the revolution of caring for Life.

You can begin NOW by spreading the word and by planning your own local actions and events.

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 Important events on the way to October 2nd

September 4th and 5th: Soil Not Oil International Conference (repeat but leave it as it is in English Soil Not Oil International Conference), Richmond, California, USA

September 6th: Soil Not Oil Mass March (repeat but leave it as it is in English Soil Not Oil Mass March), San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

September 8th and 9th: The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition (repeat but leave it as it is in English The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition), Santa Rosa, California, USA

October 1st: Bhoomi Maati Maa: the Festival of Living Soil (repeat but leave it as it is in Hindi/English Maati Maa: the Festival of Living Soil), New Delhi, India

Key dates – Key Events

2nd October – Satyagraha* (Civil Disobedience) for Living Seed, Living Soil, Living Food, Living Economies
On this meaningful day (Gandhi’s birth anniversary) we celebrate a worldwide “Seed Satyagraha”, renewing our commitment to civil disobedience against unjust seed laws.
*leave the word Satyagraha as it is

2nd – 5th October: Touch the Earth: A soil Pilgrimage (repeat but leave it as it is in English Touch the Earth: A soil Pilgrimage), Maharashtra – Madhya Pradesh, India
Soil Pilgrimage to Gandhi’s Ashram and Howard’s Centre in Indore

11th October – Terra Viva (repeat but leave it as it is in Italian Terra Viva): Let’s celebrate the living Soil by starting Gardens of Hope

16th – 17th October: Mass March, demonstration and rally (more details coming soon), Washington DC, USA

12-16 Oct: Seed Freedom Actions
Start Seed Banks and GMO-Free/Seed-Freedom Zones; create Gardens of Hope; organise Seed Swaps and Seed Bomb actions.

ACT for Living Seed and Living Soil

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The Law of the Seed [English, Greek, Italian, Spanish]:

Terra Viva (repeat but leave it as it is in Italian Terra Viva), Our Soils, our Commons, our Future [English, Italian]:

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Ideas for Action

Become a Seed Saver

Start a Seed Bank/Library, save your own non GMO/patented seeds.

Organize Seed Swaps of non GMO/patented seeds, “deregistered” farmer’s varieties.

Organize a ‘Seed Bombing’ event – Google!

Organise a fim screening

Dr Vandana Shiva’s video message ‘We care for Life – The Power of caring’ [Subtitles in multiple languages available]:

“The Living Seed” and “The Living Soil” – New Navdanya Films [Subtitles in multiple languages available]:

Start or join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative

Commit to buying fresh, local, organic non-GMO/processed food from farmers’ markets.

Commit to growing your own organic non GMO/patented food and encourage others to do the same.

Organize a dinner, lunch or picnic with your family, friends, community or institution sourcing ingredients from farmers who are saving and using organic seeds (non GMO/patented) creating awareness and understanding on the links between seed, food, health and living economies.

Organize a workshop/conference to create awareness about the links between Seed Freedom and Food Freedom, between Living Soil and Earth Democracy.

Become a Seed Defender

Declare a Seed Freedom Zone within your home, institution, village or municipality, which does not recognize patent on seed.

Organize protests, marches and gatherings at offices of seed multinationals, patent offices and local government bodies.

Write letters and submit petitions to local institutions, local communities and local municipalities to make them aware of the importance of Seed Freedom for the future of their people and their environment. Get their support to declare “Seed Freedom Zones”.

Send a petition to your regional and national parliament to undo laws that violate Seed Freedom and human rights.

Write to Patent Offices insisting that they stop granting patents on seed.

Write to the World Trade Organization: insisting the completion of the mandatory review of the TRIPS article 27.3b ( which forces patents on life forms. Ask them to revoke Intellectual Property Rights on seeds.

Write to President Obama: insisting he stop using the White House to bully countries on behalf of Monsanto, destroying their seed sovereignty through GMOs and patents.

Become a Soil Restorer

Start a Garden

Make compost

Start a worm farm

Try out sheet mulching

Make your own biofertilizer

Google all the above to learn more

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