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Seed Freedom at 2016 Iphofen Seed Festival – Germany

The 6th edition of the Seed Festival took place in Iphofen, Germany on February 20th 2016 and was organized by Barbara and Martin Keller of Open House e. V.

Every year this Festival sees gardeners, seed savers and people concerned about seed issues come from the whole of Germany as well as from other European countries.

Highlights of the past two editions have been the participation of Dr Vandana Shiva for the Seed Freedom Movement in 2014 while in 2015 the Festival was held in Nuremberg in partnership with Biofach international exhibition.

The approximately 2000 visitors who attended this year’s Seed Festival had already started to gather at the main entrance in the morning while exhibitors were setting up their stalls down to the very last detail [...]

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 Denmark Interprets EU Seed Laws in Support of Seed Saving

Credits: information source: Signe Voltelen, composed by Jodi Koberinski

Denmark has just become the European Union role model for biodiversity friendly seed marketing laws, putting pressure on every other country in the EU currently embracing the push to corporatize our seed heritage to follow suit.

The Danish Seed Savers (Frøsamlerne), The Danish Association for Practical Ecology (Landsforeningen Praktisk Økologi) and other engaged seed guardians networks behind SEED POPUP 2016 are celebrating Denmark’s decision to reject the corporatization of our seed heritage and free the seed. “Last year we focused on changing the Danish seed legislation and after repeating our demands many times for a free seed exchange, we finally succeeded! Now we have a good basis to swap, sell and exchange seeds for citizens, businesses and agriculture”, says Signe Voltelen, member of the board of the The Danish Association for Practical Ecology [...]

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  In the News
image Tiny Vermont brings food industry to its knees on GMO labels

By Lisa Rathke, The Associated Press – The Seattle Times, 19 March 2016

image Can the off-target effects of gene editing be reduced to almost nothing?

GMWatch, 19 March 2016

image France moves towards full ban on pesticides blamed for bee losses

Reuters, 18 March 2016

image ‘Greed has to end’: India urges Monsanto to accept GM-cotton royalty cuts or leave market

RT, 17 March 2016

image Bill Blocking GMO Labels Stalls In Senate, But Battle Is Far From Over

By Maria Godoy – NPR, 16 March 2016

image Zimbabwe – Biodiversity in Organic Farming

Chronicle, 17 March 2016 –

image Boulder County Commissioners Seek to Transition Away from Growing GE Crops on Open Space Lands

Organic Consumers Association, 17 March 2016

image EU delays vote on herbicide glyphosate after member states rebel

Farming UK News, 9 March 2016

image GMO Corn will not be sown in Mexico

GMWatch, 9 March 2016

image When a banana is much more than a banana

By Ahna Kruzic, Angie Carter and Rivka Fidel – Food First, 7 March 2016

image The Centrality of Seed: Building Agricultural Resilience Through Plant Breeding

By Salvatore Ceccarelli, PhD – Independent Science News, 29 February 2016

image Philippines’ Ban on GMOs Leaves Asia Shocked

Invest Asian, 26 February 2016  

image Gates Foundation accused of ‘dangerously skewing’ aid priorities by promoting ‘corporate globalisation’

By David Connet – Independent, 19 February 2016

image Pro-GMO Activism In India: Journalism Gives Way To Spin, Smears And Falsehoods

By Colin Todhunter – East By Northwest, 19 February 2016

image In the footsteps of Gandhi: an interview with Vandana Shiva

By Scott London – The Ecologist, 14 February 2016

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