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Seed Thoughts from Navdanya

'A-Z Of Agroecology And Organic Food System' participants share their thoughts about Seed Freedom

image Seed Freedom Food Festival in Adelaide

Video: Seed Freedom Food Festival 2014 from Daniel Bovalino Films on Vimeo. Video: Seed Freedom Adelaide Australia from SeedSavers on YouTube […]

image Monsanto Supersizes Farmers’ Weed Problem–but Science Can Solve It

VIDEO – Union of Concerned Scientists: When agribusiness giant Monsanto came up with its Roundup Ready system, it seemed like a superhero […]

image Hudson Valley Seed Freedom Initiative

“What does Seed Freedom mean for the Hudson Valley?”. This is a question we’ve been addressing for the last 10 years […]

image Feeding the 1 percent

Grain, 7 October 2014 Source Link Since the global food crisis of 2008, there has been a massive wave of […]

image New report published about patents on seeds and call for a public protest

23 October 2014 Munich – The international coalition of No Patents on Seeds! today published a report […]

image GMO The Truth Conference at Dartington Hall

The Barefoot Beekeeper – 9 October 2014 Dr Vandana Shiva and the fight against GM piracy  Click here to listen […]

image Ghana’s farmers battle ‘Monsanto law’ to retain seed freedom

Ghana’s government is desperate to pass a Plant Breeders Bill that would remove farmers’ ancient ‘seed freedom’ to grow, retain, breed and […]




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