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image New Report Finds Farmers Harmed by Decline in Nation’s Public Seed Supply

Everything starts with seeds. Whether you’re an organic farmer looking for seeds that will work […]

image Seedy business

by Najma Sadeque – Throughout history, superpowers that outstayed their welcome eventually turned unscrupulous trying to hang on. The most recent one in the last century […]

image Living with GMOs – A Letter from America

An open letter to the citizens, politicians, and regulators of the UK and the rest of the EU about the hazards of genetically modified crops.

image Euro Parliament strengthens national GMO opt-outs

An attempt by the UK’s Conservative Party and its allies to force countries to allow EU-approved GMO crops has been defeated by the EU Parliament […]

image Feeding the hungry or the greedy?

The midday sun is searing over Alice Kulabigwo’s farm in Luwero, north of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, as she inspects the blackened stem of one of her banana plants […]

image Fraley Lecture Opposition – Iowa, USA

5 students wore gas masks and signs over their bodies that read messages like ‘Support Food Democracy’. The sixth wore a banana costume with a sign that read ‘keep me GMO-free’ […]

image Scientist, food activist lauds Vt. GMO law

SOUTH ROYALTON — An anti-GMO activist said Vermont’s new labeling law is the only choice Americans have if they wish to oversee […]

image GMO Labeling: Colorado Voters Reject Food Measure; Maui Voters Approve

In the latest bids for states to compel companies to label foods that contain genetically modified ingredients […]

image A Legacy of Destruction: Monsanto’s Dark History Exposed in Stunning New Photo Essay

Photographer Mathieu Asselin spent three years capturing images […]

image Ruin is forever: Why GMOs should be banned on the basis of the precautionary principle

Taleb’s paper is an excellent read and cuts through GMO lobby nonsense like a hot knife […]

image Intellectual Plunder

by Dr. Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 31 October 2014 Source: “We found 9,000 biopiracy patents related to […]

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