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Satyagraha for Gandhi’s Ghani – Awareness Campaign

by Indra Shekhar Singh – 18 December 2015

To defend Gandhi’s Ghani (Ghani = a traditional method of oil processing in india), Dr Vandana Shiva joined with Gandhian organisations for a three day awareness campaign into the Vidharba region of Maharashtra [...]


Launch of Citizen’s pact on World Soil Day

On the afternoon of World Soil Day – December 5, 2015 – on the occasion of COP21, leaders in defense of life and of our Planet, representatives of Seed Savers – Community Supported Agriculture Networks, spiritual leaders, artists and concerned citizens gathered at La Villette in Paris and planted a ‘Garden of Hope’ as a reminder that our seeds, our soils and our biodiversity, kept in the hands of local farmers and caring citizens, are solutions to climate change, to which Industrial globalised agriculture makes a significant contribution [...]

Navdanya at COP21 Highlighs

   In Focus
image Corporate Imperialism – The only reason for GMOs

By Dr Vandana Shiva, 20 November 2015

image Making Peace with the Earth and Each other

By Dr Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 2 December 2015

image The Raging Elephant in the Climate Change Room

Not only does organic farming avoid the emissions that come from industrial agriculture, organic farming transforms carbon in the air through photo synthesis and builds it up in the soil [...]


Age Debate: Curbs are history, not emissions

Debate with Dr Vandana Shiva and Chandra Bhushan – The Asian Age, 17 December 2015

image The Fraudulent Science at COP21 Exposed

By John W. Roulac – Ecowatch, 17 December 2015

image Monsanto Charged With Crimes Against Humanity

By Dr Mercola –, 22 December 2015

image Why vulnerable countries must take ownership of their skies

The Guardian, 22 December 2015

image Los Transgénicos en Debate

Por Javier Carrera – Allpa, La Voz de la Tierra, 30 de octubre 2015

  Upcoming Events
 image  Seed Freedom Rally & Lobby Day

SACRAMENTO CA, USA — 4 January 2016

 image  LIRSC Annual Seed Swap

RIVERHEAD NY, USA — 13 February 2016

image Saatgut-Festival 2016

IPHOFEN, GERMANY — 20 February 2016

image Making Peace with the Earth & Each Other: Gandhi, Globalisation & GNH


image 16th Pan-Hellenic Seed Exchange Festival of Traditional Varieties


  Africa – Ghana
image My story and my Navdanya inspired farm

By Isaac Pabia — Ghana

  Africa – South Africa
image Who is Rushka and what is the #RoundupOut Campaign

The International Reporter, 19 December 2015

  Africa – Nigeria
image Between Subsidising Polluters and Thieves

By Nnimmo Bassey – Nnimmo’s Reflections (Oil Politics), 24 December 2015

  Latin America – Ecuador
image Las semillas siembran comunidad – Festival Madre Tierra Internacional, Ecuador, octubre 2015

Por Valentina Vives, Chile – Allpa, 22 de decembre 2015

image International Festival “Madre Tierra” – Ecuador, October 2015

By Javier Carrera, Ecuador

  Latin America – Venezuela
image Venezuelan Parliament Approves New Anti-GMO Seed Law

teleSur, 23 December 2015

image AN venezolana aprobó Ley de Semillas en segunda discusión

teleSur, 23 de decembre 2015

  Asia – India
image It is failure of Bt technology, opines expert panel

The Hindu, 25 December 2015

image Mahyco Monsanto cancels Bt cotton licence over royalty payment

The Financial Express, 23 December 2015

image Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Dow Chemical Fails To Appear In Court For Third Time

NDTV, 20 December 2015

image Prakash Kardaley Memorial Lecture: Environmentalist pitches for organic farming

By Express News Service | Pune | The Indian Express, 20 December 2015

image Central govt targets Monsanto Indian JV for alleged monopoly

Hindustan Times, 19 December 2015

image Batting for GM in India: Smears, Misinformation and Depoliticising the Political

By Colin Todhunter – East by Northwest, 18 December 2015

  North America – United States
image Jackson County’s Ban on Genetically Engineered Crops Will Stand! Federal Court Approves Settlement

Our Family Farms Coalition, 22 December 2015

image Advances in Native Food Sovereignty | Yurok Tribe Adopts Ordinance Banning GMOs

Environmental and Food Justice, 22 December 2015

image EPA tosses aside safety data, says Dow pesticide for GMOs won’t harm people

By Patricia Callahan – Chicago Tribune, 8 December 2015

image National Heirloom Festival: Hope to End Seed Slavery

By Julie Ann Finemann – Huffington Post, 17 December 2015

  North America – Canada
image Documents reveal Canadian teenager target of GMO lobby

Global News, 21 December 2015

image European Parliament calling for patents on plants derived from conventional breeding to be stopped

No Patents on Seeds, 17 December 2015

image Polluters’ paradise

Corporate Europe Observatory, 10 December 2015


EFSA and Member States vs. IARC on Glyphosate: Has Science Won?

Corporate Europe Observatory, 25 November 2015

  Europe – Switzerland
image Switzerland will extend moratorium on GM crop cultivation

GM Watch, 22 December 2015





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