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On 1st October 2017, in New Delhi, Communities in the Alps which have become pesticides free joined with Himalayan chemical free communities to launch the creation of a Global Network of Poison Free Organic Zones.

Poison based industrial agriculture, not only is the biggest driver of species extinction, wiping out the diversity of crops we have grown and eaten, is also creating 50% of the greenhouse gases leading to climate change.

Biodiversity is essential to allow for evolution of Life on Earth and as such its capacity of adaptation. This diversity has been developed over thousands of generations and we have a duty is to safeguard it.

Through poison free food and farming, we sow the seeds for a brighter future and the future of all beings on our living, vibrant and generous Earth.

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Events and Actions

Bali: Panel Debate "Protecting our Seeds, the Earth and the Future"

Celebrating Seed Freedom and Agroecology – Indonesia

Jember, Jogjakarta, Bali, 28 October – 4 November 2017

Pesticide free alps and Himalaya joining hands for a poison free world

Bhoomi 2017: Listening to the Mountains

Poison Free Food and Farming Pledge Launch – New Delhi, 1st October 2017

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Launch of the Report “The Toxic Story of RoundUp: Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology”

Santa Rosa CA, USA, 5 September 2017


Conference: Poisons at the Door

Rome, 10 July 2017

Ruchi Shroff, Navdanya

Launch of the Report – “Poisons in our Plate” – Glyphosate and Other poisons from field to table

Rome, Italy, 24 May 2017

Italy 2017: Launch of the European Citizens' Initiative to #StopGlyphosate

Launch of the European Citizens’ Initiative to #StopGlyphosate

Rome, Italy, 8 February 2017


People’s Assembly on Dow-DuPont crimes of Genocide and Ecocide

Bhopal, India, 29 November 2016

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Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly

The Hague, Netherlands, 14 – 16 October 2016



The Toxic Story of RoundUp: Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology

Climate Change Cover _ 30-8-2017-page-001a

Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience: How Biodiversity and Agroecology offer Solutions to Climate Change by Growing Living Carbon

Il Veleno e servito 2017 1-page-001

“Poisons in our Plate – Glyphosate and other poisons from field to table”

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Campaign 2017 PPL ASS

 Navdanya Call to Action against the Corporate Takeover of our Food and Health


European Citizens’ Initiative to #StopGlyphosate


Round Up RoundUp

Featured Articles

All the false myths about pesticides. Here’s what you need to know

By Ruchi Shroff – LifeGate, 18 September 2017

Food and farming: Two futures

By Dr. Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 12 July 2017

The Monsanto Tribunal’s Legal Opinion Reinforces Movements’ Struggle for Basic Human Rights

By Ruchi Shroff – Common Dreams, 19 April 2017

Monsanto illegally Introduces Round Up Resistant GMO Cotton in India

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