Date/dates: 20/10/2018
Time: All Day

Bread of Freedom

Bread of Freedom: A World Food Day Celebration
October 20, 2018 (Saturday)

In solidarity with all the communities around the world who are protecting our seed freedom and regenerating a new spirit of taking care of the Earth through sustainable, ecological and organic food systems and farming, we reclaim our basic right to have access to our local and biodiverse food heritage without poisons. Join us for a full-day celebration that will provide education on the 2 paradigms that influence our food, health and farming practices; the event will also become a platform for diverse voices to speak, cook together as a community using our local biodiverse grains and vegetables and learn ways on how we can take local action in our homes to contribute to the growing consciousness that will free us from the clutches of monopolies, big business and a monoculture mindset.

The event is a cooperative collaboration of food freedom and environmental advocates aligned with Navdanya‘s series of seed freedom events happening in India until October 16.


What happens when corporations are in charge of our food? Over the last century, we have seen our agricultural and food systems claimed by big businesses.

Seeds, which are the source of life, are patented. Promises of feeding the world’s hungry sustainably have failed. Access to healthy diets continue to be challenging for a large part of the world’s population, including, ironically, the farmers who grow our food. We have largely abandoned the traditional ways of life and diets that work with nature and promote community resilience and food sovereignty, in favour of highly processed foods designed for overconsumption and produced in a globalised commercial-driven agricultural systems that are heavily reliant on chemical inputs and pesticides. No wonder our people and our planet are sicker and inequality continues to be on the rise.

It is time to reclaim our living food systems—and therefore our health, our planet, and our freedom. We can do this by advocating for local, organic, and biodiverse food systems.

(Take a look at the meaningful activities that we organized for the day.)


List of Activities 🌾:

Presentation and dialogue on living food systems, seed-based nutrition and sustainability by Asha Peri of Be-leaf and Mabi David of Me & My Veg Mouth

Sharing of a Tribal Farmtrepeneur + suman-making with Manuel Onalan

Community Plant-Based Food Preparation

Ritual and manifesto for the Earth with Charlene Tan of Good Food Community and shaman Tashi Zangpo on flute

Film showing of Seed: The Untold Story

Golden Rice: Fool’s Gold (campaign against GMO Rice) intro by Masipag

Entrance is FREE. Donations are welcome for the benefit of the anti-GMO RICE campaign.

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