Date/dates: 08/06/2015
Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Green Camp Community Seed Bank Workshop

Delwyn Pillay from Citi-Zen Gardens(link is external) (member organisation of The Global Movement for Seed Freedom (link is external)) will be conducting a workshop on Community Seed Banks with the aim of setting up ‘The Green Camp Community Seed Bank‘.
This will also be one of the build-up events leading up to the Urban Permaculture Festival 2015.

Topic: Seed Freedom Movement & Community Seed Banks
-What are community seed banks?
-Why is it important to save seeds?
-Why is diversity of crops and varieties important?
-What can we learn from local knowledge?
-How to set up and run a community seed bank?

The Green Camp

The Green Camp Gallery Project is at the beginning stages of what will be an organic/sustainable lifestyle hub focusing on creativity in all its forms.

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