Date/dates: 09/07/2015 - 12/07/2015
Time: All Day

Festival Internazionale dei Beni Comuni

Dr Vandana Shiva held the Lectio Magistralis “Food and Water as Commons” on July 11th, 2015 on the occasion of the International Festival of the Commons in Chieri.

“We are living through very strange times, where the idea of privatizing the Commons and all public goods is the foundation of the growth model.

And how do you get growth? You take what circulates in society or in nature – you take it out of that system through a process of extraction and exploitation – and show extraction and exploitation to be contributing to growth. What’s happening with Greece is such a dramatic example of the dominant ideology of growth.

Sadly most governments have been made captive to this ideology, because – who advices them? People who have come out of that paradigm, the so-called ‘economic experts’; I would call them ‘experts in ecocide, experts in genocide’.

Governments have become part of the process of the enclosures of the Commons. And that’s why it’ll have to depend on societies and communities to reshape other economies, so that every species and every person has a chance to thrive and live on this planet”

Introduction by Fabio Ciconte, President of Terra!onlus association, which – together with daSud and terrelibere.orgis carrying out #FilieraSporca Campaing, to discover and denounce labor exploitation in agriculture.

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