Date/dates: 13/02/2016
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

2nd Voedsel Anders/Food Otherwise conference - 2016

Many people in the Netherlands and Belgium are working towards changing our food and agricultural system. Change is necessary, because the current system is depleting the soil and causes a large amount of total greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers are faced with the competitiveness of the global market, while land is often used for production of fodder and fuel, instead of local food.

Local, national and international initiatives show that a different system is within reach. We can feed the world sustainably with good and healthy food, fair prices for farmers, fishermen and citizens, while respecting the environment and biodiversity. In addition, healthy soils can help solve the problem of climate change.

The first Voedsel Anders conference at the University of Wageningen in 2014 was a great success with over 800 participants. This second edition, farmers, fishermen, citizens, scientists and grassroots organisations come together to build a contemporary, sustainable and fair food production and consumption system, with new relationships between farmers and consumers. This way, we provide creative and dynamic alternatives for the large scale and industrialized food production dictated by multinational corporations.

Would you like to learn, experience and discuss new and attainable forms of food and agriculture? Would you like to help build bridges and contribute to a more sustainable and fair system? Would you like to meet sustainable (young) farmers and fishermen, and be inspired by innovative examples from the Netherlands and abroad? Then be sure to visit this conference! For all farmers, scientists, beekeepers, students, artists, professionals, policymakers and journalists in food and agro, and any concerned and or active citizens.

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Wageningen University, Orion, building 103
Bronland 1 - Wageningen
- Netherlands
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