Earth Association (Yeryuzu Dernegi) founded in Turkey in 2008. We are an ecologist movement working in the fields of climate change, ecological movements, community based ecological solutions and rural sustainability.

As a grass root non-governmental organization, Earth Association aims to create sustainable, ecologic and convivial society.
The association is known with its Urban Gardens Project all around Istanbul.

Some of the activities of the association are as follows:
– Developing and implementing a community-supported agriculture project to support the small sized farmers and provide opportunities for public to access local natural food.
– Supporting an alternative economy model: gift economy through organizing festivals for exchanging reused goods.
– Developing and implementing trainings for improving ecological farming and empowering local communities in ecological farming in Turkey.
– Supporting and developing campaigns for struggling against climate change. Engaging activists to attend international meetings against climate change. Developing curriculums, organizing activities and giving public lectures to create awareness for climate change.
– Initiating construction of ecovillage which is located nearby Istanbul.
All the decisions in the Earth Association are made with the consensus and direct involvement of members.
The Earth Association implements all activities with volunteers and the spirit of activism


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