Date/dates: 01/11/2016
Time: All Day

A Return to a Self Sufficient Diet

A Return to a Self Sufficient Diet

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences in joint collaboration with the European University Social Work Student Club, and volunteers from the Movement of Life Organization how come together to present  an event on  “A Return to a Self Sufficient Diet”.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 1st of November 2016

Venue: Cultural Center, European University Cyprus

Today more than ever before, it is essential that we are able to exercise the right to cultivate our land as we see fit, to sow the varieties of seeds that we want to grow and have the right to use our own, local, traditional seeds, as did our parents, our grandparents and hundreds generations before us who cultivated their fields with vegetables that thrived in the soil, collecting the seeds from the harvest and planting them the following year.  This natural cycle of life created a healthy harmonious balance between nature and man.

For these reasons, we have invited two well established activists to share with us their experiences and knowledge on this controversial topic. Firstly, Panagiotis Sainatoudis who is the heart and soul of the PELITI Group, an alternative community which has strived to educate people regarding the preservation of traditional varieties of plant species in Greece. He has played an important global role on this issue for over 21 years and has succeeded in preserving and disseminating traditional Greek seeds throughout most of Greece. Our second speaker who will share with us his firsthand experiences and knowledge is  Manolis Milios, who has for many years successfully implemented the principles and practices of  organic farming at his estate Miliou in Northern Greece.

In addition to the above the event will also cover.

  • Information and guidelines in creating a vegetable garden on a balcony or a patio.
  • Information and guidelines for ecological and organic farming.
  • Dissemination of organic seeds – free of charge.
  • The dangers of chemical pesticides.
  • Preservation and dissemination of traditional seeds.

The entrance is free to everybody.

For more information please contact the following persons:

  • Nicos Sozos, Instructor, Social work, European University Cyprus.
    Tel.: 22713113,

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Organiser Name: School of Humanities & Social Sciences - Movement of Life
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