Date/dates: 01/10/2016
Time: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

Bhoomi Festival


Climate Change, the disappearance of biodiversity at 1000 times the normal rate, the exhaustion and pollution of water are symptoms of the ecological crisis threatening our planet’s health. The industrial food and agriculture system is the main contributor to every dimension of the ecological crisis, the “ill health” of Mother Earth and all her denizens. In fact, years ago, Albert Howard had said that the health of the Soil and our Health is a grand continuum. The agrichemical and food industry are poisoning the planet and our bodies, through the GMO seed they peddle, poisoning our soil and water and serving us a toxic plate with a cocktail of poisons by way of additives. The spread of toxic, junk and dead food on cultures that knew how to eat right is the root cause of food style diseases unfurling as epidemics.

Last year at the Climate Summit in Paris, world leaders finally acknowledged the urgency of Climate Change and the need to take steps to reverse it. Organic farming was recognised as a major solution to climate change. The need of the hour is therefore for all of us to take collective responsibility to heal our Earth and so doing our body.

With this in view, the theme of Bhoomi 2016, to be held on the 1st October, is Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Body.

The event, jointly organised by Navdanya, India International Centre, the Institut Français India in the framework of “The Other Thought,” and SOL, will focus on how to reverse the harms inflicted upon Mother Earth by a self-seeking industry through the healing practices of Agro-ecology, cultivating and eating wholesome, living foods.

Spanning a range of activities comprising panel discussions, dialogue, film screening, theatre and music to heal the mind as well as a wholesome dinner, Bhoomi 2016 will allow us to catch a glimpse of the poison free world we are creating.  And the transformation starts with what we eat, with all of us being mindful of the provenance of our plate.

In Solidarity,

Maya Goburdhun                                                          Dr.Vandana Shiva
Trustee, Navdanya                                                       Founder, Navdanya

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We Spoke to Vandana Shiva About the Future of Food

By Rebecca Hobson – Munchies, 7 October 2016

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