Date/dates: 03/12/2015
Time: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Workshop on Regenerative Agriculture and Land Use

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to share skills and expertise in regenerative agriculture and land use, soil carbon sequestration, and mitigating global warming through regenerative agriculture. Taking place at the beginning of our time in Paris, this workshop will provide participants with an overview of the science, philosophies, and concepts behind regenerative agriculture to help frame the rest of our time in Paris and also to build the regeneration movement beyond Paris. Select sessions will be live streamed.

Participation Organizations: Kiss the Ground, and Project Drawdown, and Regeneration International

1 – Slide from Andre Leu, IFOAM ORGANICS

2 – IFOAM research: Average corn yields during drought years 28-34% higher in organic systems.

3 – By Scientist Tom Goreau Global Corral Reefs Alliance: 2 degrees goal being negotiated in Paris actually means all coral reefs will die. IPCC historically has not measured full scale of global warming impacts. 260 ppm, pre-industrial levels only viable goal if we are not going to kill oceans. We are already at 400ppm. So we need to do eco restoration via Organics, sequester carbon in the soil, reforest etc. Doable!

Photos and captions courtesy by Camilla Becket, The Seeds of Vandana Shiva

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Organiser Name: Kiss the Ground, Project Drawdown & Regeneration International
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St Christopher’s Inn Canal
159 rue de Crimée - Paris
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