Date/dates: 19/03/2016 - 20/03/2016
Time: All Day

Insects our Friends: Pollinators and friendly insects, Make your own natural pesticide

Most people believe that insects are our enemies, the reality is without insects we will have no food, we will lose 1/3rd of our food production. Without the contribution of predatory insects to control plant feeding insects we would suffer damage to our crops.

You’ll learn about pollinators and why the bees are disappearing, you will learn how to identify friendly insects above all you will learn how to make your own botanical natural pesticides with zero investment.

Resource Person: Preeti S. Virkar

Justification: March is the peak flowering season for a majority of plants. And flowers attracts a lot of insects such as pollinators, pests and their predators. A very effective and take home message and hands on can be given to the participants if this course is kept in March.

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Navdanya – Doon Valley Biodiversity Farm/Bija Vidyapeeth
Shimla Bypass Road - Dehradun
Village Ramgarh / Shishambara - Inde
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