Date/dates: 20/11/2014
Time: 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Gandhi, Globalization & Earth Democracy

Navdanya in collaboration with Shumei International, Japan would like to invite you to participate on the 20th of November, 2014 at the workshop on Gandhi, Globalization and Earth Democracy to be held at the India International Centre, Conference Room No 2, NewDelhi.

We need a new paradigm to respond to the fragmentation caused by various forms of fundamentalism. We need a new movement, which allows us to move from the dominant and pervasive culture of violence, destruction and death to a culture of non-violence, creative peace and fulfilled life for all sentient beings sharing the planet. In this context, Gandhi, Globalization and Earth Democracy will aim to offer an alternative worldview. This will be done in various ways: through the planting of trees with the youth so that they feel that human beings are embedded in the Earth Family, within which we are connected to each other through love and compassion and so that they become aware of their ecological responsibility, realizing the need for economic justice to replace greed, consumerism and competition. The evening panel will contribute to sensitize not only the youth but also the civil society about these issues.

We would like your participation to deepen the commitment towards an equitable and dynamic world, your involvement will enhance this process and so we look forward to your confirmation.

In Solidarity,
Navdanya Team

​credit: Vivek R. Singh: Visual Artist


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