Date/dates: 20/05/2017
Time: 11:00 am

March Against Monsanto San Antonio

Join us in standing up to Monsanto! Their chemicals are hurting local farms, killing our bees and butterflies, and systematically poisoning our food crops and causing cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, and a list of other health problems. They lie to us about GMO crops, they have the tech to make our food better for us and the planet, but instead, they modify it to withstand poison… humans are not roundup ready! They refuse to look at the evidence and research proving that glyphosate and other chemicals are too much for us. It is systematically wiping out our bees and butterflies, Dicamba drift has harmed Texas local wineries and small farms. We have to stand United and show them we will not be their science experiment. We have to educate the public, they make money off of the public’s ignorance. Please join us and speak out!

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Organiser Name: San Antonio Activism Network
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Alamo Plaza
300 Alamo plaza - San antonio
Texas - United States
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