Date/dates: 05/10/2020 - 11/10/2020
Time: All Day

Return to Earth: A-Z of Earth Democracy, Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture - Living Solutions to Health, Food and Climate Emergency

Each of us, whether we are farmers or eaters, faces a choice between two food systems. One is an industrial system based on globalised cooperate control, chemicals and poisons, GMO and patent monopolies & fossil fuels which is contributing to 75% of the planets ecological destruction, wiping out the livelihoods of small farmers and family farms, and creating an epidemic of food style diseases. The second food system is based on strong vibrant local economies, ecological processes that rejuvenate our soil, biodiversity, water. It is based on the sun’s energy not fossil fuels from the growing to the cooking & processing of food. Organic chemical free & fossil fuels free food systems hold the promise of generating meaningful work while rejuvenating the Earth and addressing problems of health and climate chaos.

For 33 years Navdanya has practiced biodiversity and community centred agroecological agriculture that enrich soils, enhances farmers incomes and increases nutrition and health.

The course on A-Z of Earth Democracy, Agroecology & Regenerative Agriculture is an opportunity to learn from the cutting edge ecological research combined with experience on Navdanya.

*Bija -living seed, seed conversation, participatory & evolutionary breeding

*Bhu- living soil, soil food web, ecological soil fertility renewal, diverse methods of composting, soil & climate.

*Annam-living food, food and nutrition, hazards of industrial & junk food, Ayurvedic principles of food & nutrition, cooking with biodiversity & forgotten foods

*Annapurna- living food economies – from extractive to circular systems, planning transitions from oil- based, poison based systems to living food systems.

Online Course of Navdanya

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Bija Vidyapeeth – Earth University

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Navdanya – Doon Valley Biodiversity Farm/Bija Vidyapeeth
Shimla Bypass Road - Dehradun
Village Ramgarh / Shishambara - India
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