Date/dates: 14/10/2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Seed Sovereignty, Food Security and Climate Resilience: Women in the Vanguard

Scientist, philosopher, activist, feminist, environmentalist, Dr. Vandana Shiva is a one-woman movement for peace, social justice. and sustainability. Alarmed by the threat that biotechnology has imposed on biodiversity, Dr. Shiva founded Navdanya, a movement to protect the diversity of living resources, most notably native seeds. She is a vocal opponent to the current patent system that allows living organisms to be labeled as intellectual property.

Her talk will focus on the need for a paradigm shift away from the dominant view of industrial agriculture with its origins in war, greed, and power, to a nature focused, women-centric view based on non-violence, the recognition of the intelligence in all life and all people, and the co-creation of partnerships for the well being of all.

With scientific evidence and 30 years of experience in evolving Navdanya, Dr Shiva will show how an agriculture that respects both the earth and women, produces more food and nutrition, more health and well being, more health and higher income for women and small farmers. She believes that solutions to hunger and climate change are the same – intensification of biodiversity and ecological processes, instead of intensification of fossil fuels and toxic chemicals through GMOs.

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Southern Oregon University Music Recital Hall
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OR - United States
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