Date/dates: 02/10/2015 - 16/10/2015
Time: All Day

Festa della Semina

“Estya ethical purchasing groups” and “experimental field Z” with SemenZion project are taking part in the Call To Action for Living Seed and Living Soil – 2015 launched by SeedFreedom.

The SemenZion project joins in the Global Movement for Freedom of Seeds. People from all over the world are invited to join for celebrating our seeds, our soil, our lands and to create an Earth Living Democracy, in order to provide good health and living economies for us all.

We intend to take care of life and diversity, we have passion and power, and we believe that in seeds and soil we will find the answers to each crisis we face: the problems of hunger and disease, violence and war; the problems of the loss of individual and collective sovereignty. We are committed to protect and spread the Living Seeds and the Living Soil, to produce our food as much as possible close to our homes. Our love for biodiversity, for the Earth and for our fellow men will build a living economy, and we will put into effect the change we want to see.

In times of crisis small farms providing work for unemployed young people will be more and more. Will especially vegetable gardens near and in the cities that allow people to eat. Thus the Living seeds and soil demand will increase since the people, in order to survive the financial crisis, will have to grow their own food. Babylon enrolls most of people but we walk on our own toward the Rivers of Zion.

We must defend and preserve the seed of freedom, our sovereignty, we need to grow our food. For a year then, from October 2015 to October 2016, SemenZion project will experience recovery, conservation, use and dissemination of living seeds, which are the basis of the livelihood and safeguard the living soil. We want to build living economies, firstly based on self production for direct consumption, open to exchanges with all the realities that take care of life on their own territory. Join us, we will act as one heart and one mind.

Organiser Name: ESTYA & Campo Sperimentale Z
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