Date/dates: 21/01/2017
Time: All Day

Day of action against CETA

CETA, the Canada/EU trade deal, is moving closer to becoming a reality. On 1 or 2 February the European parliament will vote to ratify this corporate power grab. Join an international day of action to stand up against CETA and send a clear message to our representatives that we won’t accept our democracy being undermined.

CETA threatens to give corporations vast new powers over our lives, to sue governments for putting people over profit and to undermine vital social and environmental protections. If CETA passes through the European parliament, we can still stop it by getting our government to vote against, but this is the last chance to kill the deal at the EU itself.






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Written ‘CETA’ – Spelled ‘TTIP’

By Manlio Masucci, 10 November 2016

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