Date/dates: 23/04/2017
Time: All Day

A Seed for Change – Film

A Seed for Change is a 75 minutes long feature documentary where film maker Alex Ikonomidis takes on a long journey looking for the lost agricultural seeds and the know-how for growing food independently of an income, in the middle of the global economic crisis that exploded on the streets of Athens in Greece.

Because it is researched, written, produced, directed, shot and edited by a single unemployed person through the course of seven years, the film is evidence to great social positive changes that an underestimated power of one individual and few seeds could bring to us against all odds.

Please share this information in order to get it some exposure and perhaps a contribution through the donation button that is on the website, so that the film could participate in international film festivals and to reach wider audience. For updates, more information and screenings, check A Seed for Change Facebook page.

“Work in progress” audience test/1st screening in Peliti, April 2017, at the Olympic Seed Festival

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