Seed Thoughts from Navdanya

  • Bija Devi – Navdanya’s Seed Keeper of 16 years at the Biodiversity Conservation Farm

    [VIDEO] “For me, seeds are my children. I protect them with the same love and the same care. The salt-tolerant rices we have saved have helped farmers recover after the 1998 Orissa Super Cyclone, the 2004 Tsunami, and the 2008 floods in Bengal. When we save seed, we are saving lives.”

  • 2015 Alumni – Indonesia group

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  • 2015 ALUMNI

    [VIDEO] Come to Navdanya – Learn Agroecology in India

  • Dr Salvatore Ceccarelli PhD – Food Science, Environmental Science, Agricultural Plant Science

    [VIDEO] Dr Salvatore Ceccarelli talks about the important role of women in Seed Saving. Song: ‘Energy’ – © Charlie Mgee, […]

  • Aditya, Veterinary Doctor and Lifestyle Organic Farmer, Mumbai, India

    “Trying to put a stamp of ownership on everything is a modus operandi of control, which is one of the most brutal aspects of human nature.

    Trying to control what people eat means reducing everything to purchasing what companies sell. It is an invasion of basic human rights and freedom.

    If we as a people shared the struggle to liberate our motherland from colonial rule, if we engage in spiritual struggle to liberate our Aatmaa [“the self”] from material bondage, why can’t we participate in the struggle to liberate our food supply and culture from the tentacles of greedy multinational corporations?”

  • Ami, Organic Food Producer and Processor / Low Food Mile Advocate, Gerangaemete, Australia

    “I don’t want to loose my freedom of choice.
    I want to preserve as many traditional foods as I can.

    Some people might think that heirloom varieties are new products, but they are actually much older and connected to our traditions than what you can find in supermarkets.

    I want the freedom to grow what I want, and I want to be sure that what we consume is safe and clean. Buying local and keeping my food miles low is my passion.”

  • Anthony, Organic Farmer, Chirang, Assam, India

    “The three pillars of our food system are soil, seeds and human beings.

    The soil is what we are standing on and what gives us life. If we feed the soil and give it the freedom to replenish itself, the soil will feed us.

    If we preserve seeds and allow farmers the right to share them, seeds will preserve our food and save our culture.”

  • Ari, Food Documentarist, Vercelli, Italy

    “Seeds are life, just like we are.
    This is why we cannot be seed ‘owners’ but we have to be seed ‘keepers’.

    We have a duty to preserve life and to make seeds available in the future, and we owe to ourselves the right to eat real food.”

  • Ashish, Urban Peasant, Mumbai, India

    “Seed Freedom is the basis of the elixir of life.

    The GMO culture is depleting life at its most fundamental level.
    It is our duty to save and preserve the system of life that originates from seeds.”

  • Athula, Environment Specialist working for sustainable land use, Central Hills, Sri Lanka

    “Seeds are the source of life, and every living being – including humans – shares the right to live.

    If we put barriers on seeds we violate the most fundamental right of all living beings.

    Seed freedom should be ensured for all.”

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