During the course, all Indonesian participants planned to build a stronger network among each other once everyone returned to their homelands from India.
After returning to Indonesia, we started an initiative called JAGA Indonesia, a network of Agroecology movements working to promote agroecology to a broader part of society.
JAGA Indonesia is looking for wider opportunities to work with practitioners, farmers, scholars, and organizations.

Hayu Dyah, Mantasa:
Through these courses, I hope every participant will be able to spread agroecology to their communities and interact with other participants from other countries, sharing the knowledge received during the course.

Rm. Hardo Iswanto, Gubug Lazaris, Kediri:
As an organic practitioner and activist, following these courses has helped me fulfill my mission about agroecology, in terms of comprehensive organic farming networking. I feel more passionate because I found fellow participants who shared my views.

Marcellina DKP, Idep Foundation Bali:
The ‘A-Z Agroecology’ course is a life changing experience, a melting pot of people from different nations and cultures, who however speak the same language to interpret the desires of nature through agriculture.

Nissa Wargadipura, Islamic Ecology Boarding School, Ath-Thaariq, Garut:
Food today is a fundamental issue: this Agroecology course strengthens the food movement that has been a long struggle for us, but that we thrived in nonetheless.

Erlin Goentoro, Holopis, Surabaya:
By following this course, I had an opportunity to meet new friends, learn about new things and about new and old agroecological practices; it has also motivated me to live as a better individual.

Dian Pratiwi Pribadi, KIBAR Kediri:
Learning Agroecology in Navdanya has enriched my knowledge and my heart about how we should respect nature and all of its creatures, and about how we can perfectly do it together with the perfect model, Vandana Shiva.

Gde Robi, Bali, Navicula, Akar Rumput:
At Earth University, I had the opportunity to meet students from around the world, and helped to strengthen my belief that farming is a profession to be proud of. From Vandana Shiva I learned to continue this fight in my homeland, Indonesia. She truly inspires others to join in her fight for a healthier planet.

Joharipin, Indramayu, West Java, Rice Breeder & Facilitator:
I was impressed by this Agroecology course, I just found out there are so many resources that we need to preserve. I would like to salute all my passionate Indonesian friends and Vandana Shiva, who fights for the agroecology movement at the international level.

Asriani, Food Security Agency, Gorontalo:
Participating in this course truly opened my mind and broadened my knowledge about preserving biodiversity through agroecology.

Kadek Suardika, Yayasan Emas Hitam, Ubud, Bali:
This course is very inspiring in many aspects of life. I realized everything is interconnected in the great circle of life.