Gates to a Global Empire – over Seed, Food, Health, Knowledge
…and the Earth

Ag One: Recolonisation of Agriculture

The Future of Food – Farming with Nature, Cultivating the Future

Seeds of Sustenance & Freedom vs Seeds of Suicide & Surveillance

The Future of our Daily Bread: Regeneration or Collapse

Indonesia: an Agroecology Mobilization

Food for Health Manifesto

Celebrating Biodiversity, Agroecology and Organic Food Systems – Brochure

Climate Change Cover _ 30-8-2017-page-001a
Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Resilience: How Biodiversity and Agroecology offer Solutions to Climate Change by Growing Living Carbon
The Toxic Story of Roundup:Freedom from the Poison Cartel through Agroecology

Il Veleno è servito: Glifosato e altri veleni, dai campi alla tavola
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Annam – Food as Health

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“The Living Seed” and “The Living Soil” – 2015 Navdanya Films

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Manifestos on the Future of Seed and Food


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