dsc_5096Navdanya has set up 124 community seed banks in 22 states across India, to help farmers access native seeds, breaking Monsanto’s high royalty debt cycle that has driven 300,000 Indian farmers to suicide. Now, As BT technology is failing, the Government of India has finally started to encourage farmers to plant native cotton seeds.

Navdanya partners with VNSSM and CICR to make Maharashtra suicide, poison and debt free

Navdanya, 18 June 2016

Bt cotton failure forces govt to promote native seeds

Live Mint, 5 April 2016

Navdanya pioneered the movement of seed saving, which began in response to the crisis of agricultural biodiversity and realized that conservation of agricultural biodiversity is impossible without the participation of the communities who have evolved and protected the plants and animals that form the basis of sustainable agriculture. The Navdanya program works for promoting ecological agriculture based on biodiversity, for economic and food security.

SEED KEEPERS – Extract of “Seed Freedom – A Global Citizens’ Report” – October 2012

Navdanya Campaign in support of farmers victims of BT Cotton failure

Bija Swaraj is our birthright

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(Watch ‘The Living Seed’ film, produced by Navdanya, which eloquently portrays the contrasts and challenges faced by small farmers struggling with invasive, unsustainable technologies and greed of foreign agribusiness rocking their lives and tearing the fabric of their culture).