Seed Thoughts from Navdanya

  • Taonga, Organic Farmer, Gutu, Zimbabwe

    “God gave us hands to work, not as a chair to sit on.
    Instead of complaining or begging for help, one should start from his own hands.Organic agriculture is empowering because it lets you create your own freedom. It is the power of being healthy, and the power of knowledge to deal with a changing climate.”

  • Tony, formerly in Finance / transitioning to Organic Farming, Toronto, Canada

    “I developed an interest in Organic Farming some years ago while reading a UN report on organic practices in Kenya, where I was born. Farmers there were achieveing far higher yields, and many of them had switched back from cash crops to feeding their own family and community.

    After my experience at Navdanya I still don’t know whether I will become an expert on Organic Farming or not. But I leave this place convinced that Organic Farming is the way forward for the future of mankind.

    My message to corporations is: ‘People matter. People’s health matters. And these things come before your profits. Stop poisoning our world and its people.’”

  • Vishal, Free Bird, Shimoga, India

    “Seed equals Life.
    Trying to modify the essence of life can be a harmful thing.
    Even the very people who engineer GMOs are not aware of the consequences of this process.

    I think if seeds could talk they would say: “Live and let live”.

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