The Kenya Food Rights Alliance (KeFRA) is a member movement of non‐state actors that champions the rights of all to access safe, adequate, nutritious and culturally‐acceptable food.

It is formed as a loose network of Community and Faith Based Organizations (CBOs and FBOs), local Non‐Governmental Organizations and Self‐help groups, currently numbering 32 members.

All affiliates share common goals and work on issues of environmental, social and food justice.

KeFRA activities include:

1. Research and advocacy on policies affecting factors production and the right to food, seed and genetic diversity, land and water including right to a clean environment. All these rights are clearly spelt out in the Kenyan constitution.

2. Showcasing the best practices in agriculture, environment and water management.

3. Developing guiding statements and enhancing sovereignty to natural resources including food.

The current secretariat for KeFRA is Growth Partners Africa.