The Ecologist, 1st October 2015


No GM crops here! Typical farm house amid cropland in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), Germany. Photo: Domenico via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA).


Fifteen EU states have now joined the GM-free movement as the 3rd October deadline for registration nears, along with four regions. They collectively account for 65% of the EU’s arable cropland, and 65% of its population, and Greenpeace expects more to sign up.

In the latest blow to the European Commission’s laissez-faire approach to GM crops, at least 15 EU countries and four regions (in two other countries) are in the process of banning the cultivation of GM crops on their territories.

As of today, 1st October, ten EU countries (Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Poland).

In addition four regional administrations – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the UK, and Wallonia in Belgium – have formally notified the Commission of their intention to ban GM crop cultivation under new EU rules.

Statements by governments to the media also inform of impending notifications by five additional countries – Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia. This brings the total number of countries who have already declared their intention to put in place GM crop bans to 15.

The 15 countries and four regions represent 65% of the EU’s population and 65% of its arable land, according to Greenpeace, which assembled the data.