Soil Association – The Ecologist, 27 May 2016

Photo: José Reynaldo da Fonseca via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY)


The Royal Society has form on GM crops, writes the Soil Association – consistently Gung-ho! for the last 20 years, while refusing to engage with critics of the technology or even accept the existence of any problems. Its latest effort represents more of the same, while exposing this once August body to ridicule for its egregious scientific howlers.

This Royal Society document about GM crops, like every other one they have issued over the last nearly 20 years, argues in favour of GM.

Everyone knows that there are at least some scientific controversies, and disagreements about evidence concerning GM crops. None of these are mentioned in the Royal Society document.

This may not be surprising, given that there are no scientists who have consistently expressed scepticism about the application of GM technology to agriculture listed among the authors.

Scientific enquiry normally proceeds by open discussion of disagreements about evidence – the Royal Society’s involvement in GM has been consistently one-sided, ignoring scientists with dissenting views, and overlooking facts which do not fit with the views of supporters of GM crops.


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