Photos by Seed Freedom, Peliti, Manlio Masucci, Elena Gogou, Villy Koutsogianni

As part of the Global Campaign for Seed Freedom, Navdanya joined Peliti along with thousands of seed savers, farmers and organisations from across Europe for the 16th Seed Festival at Peliti, Greece to join forces to sow the seeds of the future and sow the seeds of another vision for the planet and its inhabitants.

The core theme of this Seed Freedom festival was on the principles articulated in the People’s Pact for the Protection of the Planet and each other – One Planet One Humanity : our bonds of diversity to make peace with the earth and each other. With our intense commitment, and deep solidarity, we will collectively defend our Seed Freedom, Food Freedom, and Democratic Rights to shape a future of food that protects life on Earth and the well being of all.

After the immensely successful mobilization tour and Caravan for Seed Freedom in May 2014, Navdanya International, Seed Freedom and Peliti organized The First Global Meeting of the Commons in May 2015. The meeting saw the integration of movements working with seed, soil, land as well as refugees into the global meetings of the Commons.

This year – as in previous years – people and organisations from all over the world attended the Seed Festival, which represented a unique opportunity to build connections and strengthen the movement to shape Food Systems that produce more food, better food, more livelihoods, more meaningful work, more democracy, more freedom (Η 16η Πανελλαδική ταξιδεύει στη Θεσσαλονίκη).

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On 14 and 15 May, the Seed Freedom Call to Action 2016, as well as the Monsanto Tribunal were promoted at the Free exchange festival for old and traditional seeds, seedlings and saplings organised by Green Team Bulgaria & Peliti Bulgaria Local Group.

This year during the Seed Freedom Call to Action from 2nd October to 16th October 2016, Navdanya will be co-organizing a Monsanto Tribunal as well as a People’s Assembly in The Hague from 14 to 16th of October.

We invite you to organise People’s Assemblies, wherever you are, to reclaim our food system – Our bread and Our freedom.


7th May: 16th Peliti Seed Festival in Paranesti, Drama

8th May: Flowers Festival in Thessaloniki

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