AltHealth Works, 27 September 2014



The Monsanto Company has been active for over 100 years in the United States, and yet the St. Louis based genetically modified seed and chemical giant’s long legacy of nefarious actions has only recently come into public view.

The mainstream in America is just now waking up to the destruction caused to humans, animals and the environment by Monsanto after all these years, but for the people living in communities that have been damaged and even destroyed by the corporation’s unscrupulous practices, the harsh truth has been ever-present (see this ‘Timeline of Crime’ for more on the dark history of Monsanto from the Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance’s page).

In an effort to document Monsanto’s toxic legacy, photographer Mathieu Asselin spent three years traveling across the United States capturing images of the people whose lives been most deeply affected, and in some cases destroyed, by the monstrous chemical company that happens to control much of our food supply (and key positions in our government, not so coincidentally).

Asselin, who is planning to finish his project titled ‘Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation’ with visits to both Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (to see the consequences of the use of Monsanto’s Agent Orange during the Vietnam War firsthand); and to the Svalbard Global Seed Bank in Norway where seeds from all around the world are stored as a backup plan in large part due to the rise of genetically modified seeds, is raising money in hopes of making these trips.

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