Seed Satyagraha Booklet 1-page-001Through imposing laws related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & patents on seed which deny farmers and gardner the right to save and share seed, our diversity, freedoms and right to health are being criminalised.

Higher laws that flow from the laws of the Earth, reaffirmed by the laws of our humanity, compel us to question and resist the imposition of laws based on uniformity as an instrument of control being forced upon our diversity as peoples, cultures and the other species, which we have a duty to protect and defend.

We do not recognise any laws, created by corporate interests, that interfere in our duty to save and share good seed so that the generations to come are as fortunate as we have been in receiving these gifts of diversity and nourishment.
We will not obey, or recognise any law that criminalises our time-tested seeds.
This is our Seed Satyagraha

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In Focus

Tell Montana Legislators to Vote NO on SB 155!

By Kristina Hubbard – Organic Seed Alliance, 16 February 2017

A win for seed diversity in California

Pesticide Action Network, 11 October 2016

France: the “Biodiversity” Law represents a victory for biodiversity cultivated seeds – July 2016

Ecuador Grassroots Launch Fight Against GMO Seed Firms

Telesur, 20 July 2016

Ecuador – Seeds and Food Sovereignty at RiskJuly 2016

Read and share the Declaration of

Civil Disobedience against AB2470, The California Seed Law September/October 2015

Watch Dr Vandana Shiva’s Video Message & Keynote Speech from the Heirloom Expo – September 2015


Rogue companies must be stopped from taking over India’s rich biodiversity

By Dr Vandana Shiva – The Indian Express, 4 June 2016

Clash of civilisations: India’s ancient love for nature is losing out to modern disregard for it

By Dr Vandana Shiva –, 31 May 2016

Seeds, Biodiversity and IPRs

By Dr Vandana Shiva, 26 May 2016

Seeds of suicide

by Dr Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 19 May 2016

Denmark Interprets EU Seed Laws in Support of Seed Saving

Credits: information source: Signe Voltelen, composed by Jodi Koberinski – 17 March 2016

Message for California Seed Freedom Rally , 4th Jan 2016 from Dr Vandana Shiva

By Dr Vandana Shiva, 4 January 2016

National Heirloom Festival: Hope to End Seed Slavery

By Julie Ann Finemann – Huffington Post, 17 December 2015

Indigenous Mayans Win Stunning Repeal of Hated ‘Monsanto Law’

By Alex Pietrowski — Walking Times, 19 October 2015


Events and Actions

Draft 7 Jan 4-2016 Seed Free Rally FINAL 12-16-15

Seed Freedom Rally

Sacramento, California – 4 January 2016


Seeds of Dissent March

Santa Monica CA, USA – 3 October 2015


The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition – The World’s Pure Food Fair

Santa Rosa, California, USA – 8 – 10 September 2015


SOS Save Our Seeds March & Rally

San Francisco, California, USA – 6 September 2015


Soil Not Oil International Conference

Richmond, California, USA – 4 – 5 September 2015


Seed Freedom Day against California AB2470

Finley, California, USA – 1st July 2015

Related Campaigns

Bihar and Jharkhand, 6 – 11 October 2015

Sarson Satyagraha – Civil Disobedience against GMO Mustard


Call To Action for Living Seed and Living Soil – 2015

2 – 16 October 2015 — Everywhere

Slide Banana

No Gmo Banana Campaign