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Campaign Poison Free 1
Poison Free Food and Farming

Campaign 2017 PPL ASS
Navdanya Call to Action against the Corporate Takeover of our Food and Health
Campaign StopGlyphosate 280x140
European Citizens’ Initiative to #StopGlyphosate

Campaign MT PA 20160629
Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly
Campaign Call to Action 2016a
Seed Freedom Call to Action 2016 – People’s Assemblies for the FUture of Our Food and the Future of Our Planet

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Pulse of Life

Pact for the Earth – Terra Viva, Earth Democracy


Navdanya Campaign in support of farmers victims of BT Cotton failure in Punjab

Seed Satyagraha Booklet 1-page-001

SEED SATYAGRAHA (Civil Disobedience to end Seed Slavery)

POSTCARD 2015_ENG-01-01
Call To Action for Living Seed and Living Soil – 2015

Sarson Satya FB
Sarson Satyagraha – Civil Disobedience against GMO Mustard

Food Smart Citizens for Food Smart Cities

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Biodiversity Or Gmos: Will the Future of Nutrition be in Women’s Hands or Under Corporate Control?
27425373.cmsSeed Freedom and Food Democracy

No Gmo Banana Campaign
The Golden Rice Hoax

Round-up RoundUp
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Call to Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy – 2014

International Solidarity Caravan for Seeds 2014

2013 – Fortnight of Action for Seed and Food Freedom

2012 – Fortnight of Action for Seed Freedom