Date/dates: 11/02/2017
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Mandala Garden Party

Come revel and celebrate the revealing of the Seed Freedom Mandala Garden.

On the Event Menu:
9:45am – 10am, Mandala Garden Tour
10am -11am, Mandala Gardening 101
11am – 12pm, Journey for Seed Freedom/Storytelling and
12pm-12:30pm, Seed play: Seed Exchange/Swap
*Surplus bring and share

Mandala Gardens
Mandala Gardens provides a beautiful and tranquil space in which to strengthen your connection with nature and Mother Earth. A time to reconnect your sacred bonds with nature. It’s a concept that’s also used in Permaculture because of its combination of aesthetics and practicality. In a nutshell, it is a circular garden divided by walk-through paths and keyholes which divide it into segments – like an apple pie that has been cut into equal parts.

Mandalas are tools used for transformation to “lift the veil of darkness, alleviate suffering of the body, mind and soul, returning us to the heart.” They help to unite the feminine and masculine energies and are a symbol or reflection of our own journey.
They have been created and used by most cultures around the world. Tibetan Monks create sand mandalas, the Hopi created medicine wheels; the Mayans great temples, the Egyptians pyramids, in England stone circles and in Ireland passage tombs.

Seed Freedom
The Global Movement for Seed Freedom is a network of individuals and organisations committed to align their thoughts and actions with the laws of Gaia, Pachamama, Vasundhara, Madre Terra, and Mother Earth. It’s based on the viewpoint that sees nature as female, a extension everything else….giver and sustainer of life. And the understanding that Mother Nature should be revered and respected, as she holds the key to health and well-being in much the same way that our actual mothers do. She is the first place we turn to for the raw ingredients for many medicines. She is the place where we feel most relaxed and ‘healed’. She is worth protecting, the Global Movement for Seed Freedom is committed to ensure that we protect Mother Nature and the biodiversity that she holds by defending of the freedom of the seed to evolve in integrity, self-organisation, and diversity.

Please register for the venue’s address. For more info contact: tel:0716218305

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Seed Freedom Mandala Garden, Moseley Park
Nuffiled Place - Durban
- South Africa
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