Date/dates: 26/09/2014 - 28/09/2014
Time: All Day

Screening of Documentaries about Seed Freedom at Karatasou Ecological Festival

EcoGiorti of Solidarity, Eco-Agriculture and Craftsmaking (Giorti means Festival in greek) is a grassroot project that as its principles has the respect to the environment and ecological production, solidarity (widespread knowledge through open seminars and workshops, sharing of the organizational tasks during the event through shifts that all the producers-participants make, exchange of products, and support of the producers throughout the year). We are promoting the fair (solidarist) trade, where there are no intermediates, where competitive and speculative practices are not welcomed, and where cooperative practices and networks are created. We are cooperating, dreaming about a society of self-sufficiency, and putting the true ecological natural production above legislation in terms of certification, gmo’s, and indigenous seeds. So, who we are is: eco-producers of agricultural plant and animal products, eco-processors of natural therapeutic and skin care products, and eco-craftsmakers.

What differentiates EcoGiorti from other “eco-content festivals” and “handmade bazaars” is our way of making decisions- that is an horizontal non-hierarchical way- our self-organising character (with no intervention of any (local) administration services in our decision-making and in our money funding, keeping away the danger to put us into their pockets) our products quality, – we choose not to confuse “handmade” with “pure, ecologically produced”

In the context of our festival and trying to promote the freedom of seeds, we are going to show the documentary “Seeds of Freedom” and also other documentaries about seed freedom. Perka (team of urban agriculture that takes act in Karatasou park) is going to organize a discussion concerning this big issue. For the organising team of the ecofestival, as well as for the eco – producers that take part in the ecofestival it is really important that everyone has free access to topical seeds, so that we can be independent of big companies and profits.

Assembly of Producers and Craftsmakers of the local EcoGiorti of Solidarity, Eco-Agriculture and Craftsmaking

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Karatasiou park
Stratou Avenou - Thessaloniki
- Greece
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