Date/dates: 28/09/2014
Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

September Garden Party & Action For Seed Freedom

This month’s vegan potluck falls within the dates for Vandana Shiva’s global “call for Action” campaign !

At this time of the season many plants are going to seed, so besides having our seed-swap we will do a garden walk-through at 1:00pm before the potluck portion starts and collect those seeds, then learn how to clean and save them. If time permits we can get into propagating fresh cuttings as well 🙂

And now the general information and pertinent details!


This event is open to registered members of this meetup and their personally-accompanied guest(s) only. Due to some unfortunate recent issues i ask you do not repost or share our event and home address on other lists or groups without asking first.thanks for understanding! ! !

“Eat, Chill, Make some music and friends~”

A vegan meal , Snacks or beverage to feed 5+ persons . We have a BBQ for grilling.
Beer/Wine etc welcome!
**A $10 donation will be asked of those coming empty handed.**

!!! Bring your Bliss-Ware : NON-DISPOSABLE plate, cup and utensils !!!
this is Important!!!

We need to have a quick easy cleanup, and want to produce Zero Garbage! that means no disposable plates/forks/cups will be here.
** If you forget,or prefer, I’ll have sets to rent for $5.**

Bring drums,guitars and other instruments! i have a PA~

bring friends & family, (have them RSVP if possible or comment with your tally)

Pets welcome!. s’long as they play nice!
kids welcome!, s’long as they don’t bite.

NEW! :

1. Give-Away pile : anything you would like to pass on (that you believe someone may really want!) items not taken at the end may be disposed of so please check before you leave!.

2. Community board: leave a card,flyer , post your haves & wants ,suggestions etc.

3.Artist Tables: do you make something(s) you’d like to display or vend? contact us !

Have an idea you think would benefit this community ? get in touch!

we can designate a space/time for talks,workshops, demos or performances. Write us with your event ideas :

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