Date/dates: 01/10/2015 - 31/10/2015
Time: All Day

The Women's Global Call for Climate Justice — "Survival Month"

The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice is a 6-month campaign, from July – October 2015, calling for women to take action all over the world to demand meaningful results from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change global meeting in Paris, France in December 2015. Each month has a theme for action, in October the theme is “Survival” and for this month we encourage friends, allies and the concerned public to support our campaign partners Navdanya, Navdanya International, and Diverse Women for Diversity in their action campaign for Living Seed and Living Soil from October 2nd – October 16th.

We also encourage you to endorse and sign the Women’s Global Call

The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice

October Theme – SURVIVAL

We already see the impacts of climate change happening around the world, primarily impacting peoples from the global South, with ever-worsening impacts on women’s lives, livelihoods and communities. Climate change is an issue of survival for humans and other species. For some island nations, it is about their very right to exist.

Climate chaos challenges sovereignty, clean and accessible water and sewage, clean air, healthy forests, land and oceans and biodiversity.

For women of the world, climate justice is about the survival and dignity of all- nothing less is acceptable.


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