English version of the film ‘I Want My father Back’ (2007). This is a film on the suicide of farmers in Vidarbaha, Maharashtra, India.

The film has been dubbed into Marathi, Hindi, Kannad, Telugu and Tamil, and is available on ‘Suma Josson, Salt Films‘ YouTube channel.

Suma Josson is a filmmaker, journalist, poet, playwright and novelist.

Her documentary films cover a wide range of subjects from agrarian and social to environmental issues.
She has also made two feature films Janmadinam (Day of Birth) and Saree, both in Malayalam. They feature renowned actors like Nandita Das, Surekha Sikhri and Nedumudivenu.

Born in Kerala, she graduated in English Literature from the College of St.Teresa, Winona, Minnesota, U.S.A. Having begun her career as a journalist, she switched to the visual medium in the early ‘90s.
Of late, her films have focused on the agriculture in India and the problems faced by small farmers.

She is a poet and fiction writer and has published three books A Harvest of Light (a collection of poems, Orient Longman), Circumferences (Penguin), and Poems and Plays.
Mahua Tola Gets A School is a book on an experimental primary school system in Madhya Pradesh, India