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Navdanya organised a courseGandhi Globalization and Earth Demoracy” from 21st to 30th November. There were 39 participants from all across the world,”Italy, Germany, Hongkong, India, Japan, Bhutan, UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Australia. Navdanya’s Gandhi course created the space for all the participants to be engaged in a meaningful dialogue about the significance, importance about Sawraj, Sarvodhya, Swadeshi, Satyagrah, which is the four principle of Gandhi, and how all the principle can be applied in the world we are in now.  Report:

Gandhi, Globalization and Earth Democracy” Workshop was held at the India International Centre on November 20th, 2014 and organised by Navdanya in collaboration with Shumei International Institute, Japan.

Earth Democracy: tree plantation drive – Navdanya in collaboration with Shumei international and Dr. Rajendra Prasad school. Mr. Akira Miyawaki, Dr. Vandana Shiva along with 70 children planted 30 plants of diverse species to strengthen the Garden of Hope. This was an initiative by the children to nurture and protect Mother Earth.


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Seed Freedom Calendar Event: Gandhi, Globalization & Earth Democracy