The Pollination Project, December 2014


TPP1-300x225Hayu Patria is the founder of the small nonprofit, Mantasa, which works on food sovereignty issues in Indonesia. Hayu launched a national speaking tour called Our Seeds, Our Future in three of Indonesia’s cities in August, 2014. The tour featured Dr. Vandana Shiva and focused on issues around food sovereignty, biodiversity and the importance of farmers being able to share and propagate seeds. Their original Pollination Project grant allowed them to collaborate with 23 local nonprofit groups and support the organizing efforts behind this tour.

After the tour, Dr Shiva invited continued collaboration with Mantasa, and invited a delegation to spend 3 weeks at Navdanya, her organization and biodiversity research farm in India with a view to building a similar learning centre and initiative in Indonesia.


GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant

The impact grant will be used to strengthen the ongoing collaboration between Mantasa’s work in Indonesia and Dr Shiva and her organization’s work in India. The money from this grant will be used to organize a group of people to visit Navdanya farm in Dehradun, India,  and to do follow up activities in Indonesia, including a ‘launch’ event for the learning centre in Indonesia with Dr Shiva in 2015.
Hayu said, “we feel confident as we now feel we can make something big starting from small beginnings.”