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Photos: Bloque Verde

The Costa Rica News, 25 May 2017


The main point was to ask for the nullity of recent environmental permits given to Del Monte

The call for a national Raleigh at the National Museum last Monday may 15th, on World Agriculture Day, was met with great success in the heart of San José. The protest started at the National Museum Boulevard and headed to the Ministry of Environment, where members of all the participant movements spoke their minds about what they call an “out of control” pineapple monoculture expansion.

As noted in a previous TCRN article, this expansion is ongoing in Costa Rica, but especially in the  Térraba Sierpe in Osa, where 600 hectares have been given a green light. In the middle of wetlands, sphere archaeological sites, and the Terraba-Sierpe region, which is the most important wetland area of Costa Rica and Central America. It’s being affected not only by pineapples but by other destructive actions reported in other pieces by TCRN.

The march of the spheres gathered the diverse and at the same time united movement against SETENA´s environmental license to Del Monte. Indigenous, peasant and affected communities came from the southern region, especially from Osa and Térraba, and were received in San José by a cheering and ecstatic crowd, composed of students, ecologists, human right activists, socially concerned citizens, and also academics related to the archaeology, sociology, social psychology, and anthropology disciplines.




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