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India’s Agriculture Minister Shree Radha Mohan Singh releases new book “Wealth per Acre” on true costs of industrial and ecological farming, by Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Vaibhav Singh.The book is published by Natraj Publishers.

The book is both a grand synthesis of the work done previously by Navdanya and an extensive analysis that is original to the book. The book gives a deep insight on the way agriculture is done in India and on the food system prevailing. Any economic activity involves costs that are internal to the system, costs that are borne by the producer or by the consumer. Many economic activities have costs that are external to the system, costs that are borne neither by the producer nor by the consumer. Such costs are called externalities associated with an economic activity- costs of externalities are borne by the society. India, like China, is a frontier economy in which the majority of costs of production are externalized as a result of poor environmental standards and corrupt governance. The externalities associated with agriculture and food system have been so pressing that it became imperative to write this book. The book finally concludes with suggestions to the government along with the description of Navdanya model of agriculture and food system that is inspired by the science of Agroecology.

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