Seed Freedom LA – 21 October 2014



Today in a historic vote, Los Angeles City Council declared its intention to make L.A. a GMO-free Zone.

That means that we shall soon have an Ordinance (that is an actual law) that says: GMO seeds and plants cannot be grown here!  GMO seeds and plants cannot be sold within the L.A. City footprint.

Today is all about the seeds

This sets aside 502.7 square miles (the City footprint) as a clear area, free from GMO pollution.  This sets aside a clear area where we can save Safe Seeds – GMO-free seeds. 

Today is one step further in protecting home gardens, school gardens, community gardens, urban agriculture, and local food producers.

Ultimately, it’s about human health.  And our overall food supply.  And cultural legacy.  And biodiversity.  And wildlife and bees and butterflies.  It’s about empowering self-sufficiency, and preparedness for a climate-changed future.  It’s about rich soils, clean air, and fresh water.  It’s about Life.

We’re starting with the seeds, protecting the seeds — because in order to have clean food to label, you have to have a supply of Safe Seeds from which to grow that clean food.

Bring it local

If you’re not from L.A. and you wish that today’s news was happening in YOUR hometown, please, come on board.  On this website you will find tools for Campaign Organizers — all of our stuff is “open source” so please please please copy and make use of it!

If you have questions about the GMO-Free Zone, please contact us.  (Please be patient, because we are grassroots volunteers.)

What next?

  1. Spread the word.  Talk up the GMO-Free Zone with friends, neighbors, acquaintances in line at the store.  Use today’s victory as a chance to educate, educate, educate the wider public about what GMOs are and what they are doing.
  2. Tell the world.  Shout it out on social media.  Tell Oregon and Colorado that L.A. is with them in this fight!
  3. Keep learning.  Watch this blog for updates on GMO news and progress.  Stick to the facts, read the studies, stay educated, and educate others.

Soon we will start other facets of this game, but today … tell people why this is important.