Published on 5 Mar 2014

The more India grows financially, the more hunger grows in India, while our growth rate was hitting nearly 10% in 2008, we had also emerged as the capital of hunger.
This is paradox if viewed from the perspective of the market and financial economy. It is not a paradox when viewed from the perspective of earth and soil, from the lives of the poor and marginalized from the entitlements of women and children.
Hunger will grow when when landless grows, globalization has implied a massive land grab, displacing farmers and adding million to the ranks of landless.
Hunger will grow when growing luxury crops for people; globalization has also implied a shift from food first to export first policies.
Hunger will grow when chemical intensive capital intensive farming based on non renewable hybrid and genetically engineered seed pushes farmers into debt and they are forced to sell what they produce, a debt trap is also a hunger trap, that is why half of hungry people today are growers food.
Indian farmers had seed security because 80% seed was farmers own seed, and 20% seed came from public sector and seed farm; globalization has forced India to allow biotech giants like Monsanto into the seed market and Monsanto’s growth comes at the cost of farmers lives; more than 200000 farmers have committed suicide as they got trapped in debt created by high cost non renewable unreliable seed.

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Wild Frames Theatre & Studio

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Anantha Krishnan

Ajay Raj

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