The Economic Times, 26 March 2017


NEW DELHI: The Competition Commission of India‘s order asking for fresh application regarding proposed buyout of Monsanto India by German major Bayer AGs is a great victory for the country’s farmers, environment activist Vandana Shiva today said.

She also said that it will stop creation of a global mega monopoly on seeds and agri-chemicals.

“This is a great victory for our farmers, for citizens of India, as now the CCI has stopped the poison makers – Monsanto and Bayer from merging in India.

All over the world, Monsanto and Bayer seek to control each link of the food-health chain.

“From the seeds to pesticides to pharmaceuticals, they have a grand design to create a new ‘Company Raj’ which profits from farmers’ suicides, disease and finally death.

“It is time India lead the way and say no to this marriage of two poison makers, which since the World War-II has only given the world poisons and death,” said Shiva, Founder- Director of Navdanya said while welcoming the decision.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has asked for filing of fresh application with respect to German major Bayer AGs proposed USD 66 billion buyout of Monsanto.

The deal, announced in September 2016, would create the world’s biggest seed and pesticide firm.

“Navdanya welcomes the CCI’s decision to cancel the merger of Monsanto-Bayer in India. This order comes as relief for millions of farmers and activist who with us have been asking the CCI to probe the matter and stop the creation of a global mega monopoly on seeds and agri-chemicals,” a statement said.

The merger will lead to creation of an ‘oligopoly’, with three entities (Syngenta-ChemChina, DuPont-Dow and Bayer- Monsanto) controlling two-thirds of the global agri-chemical business and over 60 per cent of the seed markets, the statement said.

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