Vermont Right to Know GMOs, 14 November 2014


The Right to Know Coalition would like to thank anyone who was able to make it so much for joining us for Vandana Shiva’s inspiring talks! It was incredible to have the opportunity to hear in person from one of the world’s most prominent and dedicated activists on the issue of genetically engineered food and its impact on our global food supply and the sovereignty of farmers around the world.

If you didn’t catch her motivating words, or just want to revisit them, video’s of both of Dr. Shiva’s presentations are now online for you to watch and share:

CLICK HERE to see or share Dr. Shiva’s Burlington presentation.


CLICK HERE to watch her Vermont Law School presentation.

Seeds Of Change: GMOs and Vermont’s Labeling Law with Vandana Shiva from Vermont Law School on Vimeo.

All the members of the VPIRG, Rural Vermont, NOFA-VT and Cedar Circle Farm, were gratified and humbled by Dr. Shiva’s assessment that our grassroots victory here in Vermont has great significance for other activists around the world. That means no pause in our work to ensure that our GMO Food Labeling law is implemented on schedule and true to the legislative intent of giving Vermonters the right to know what is in their food. It also means that we have to martial the legal expertise and financial support to defend our law from the corporate interests that seek to strike it down.

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