Community Seed Bank – NGO Ecological movement „Frame of life“ – Ekološki pokret “Okvir života”

In 2019 we founded the first Community Seed Bank in Serbia, within NGO Ecological movement „Frame of life“, located in one small village Paštrić in Western Serbia. The coordinator of Community Seed Bank is Ivana Petrović (Master of Biology and PhD in Agricultural Science). Our Community Seed Bank is now spread on three locations – one in Western Serbia, another in South-East Serbia and one in North-East Serbia. We gather for now 77 households, the mostly small-scale farmers (average area in individual possession is 2,5 ha), who grow traditional crops for their own consummation or for small-scale on-farm commercial sale. Within a community seed bank we collect seeds, multiply and exchange material,  identify and charaterize traditional varieties. We also have different educational activities, with the aim to increase the capacity for management of local genetic resources. We also have data base, which is updated every month with new data, collected by mapping protocol, that we formed one year ago. We organize every year in the autumn exhibition of traditional varieties varietis (photos from the last exhibition are inserted at the end of this text). We also translate important literature in this area from English to Serbian (like „The Law of the Seed“). Community Seed Bank gathers also experts in the field of agriculture, who help in different steps of seed bank development.

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Dan razmene semena i izložba "Stare sorte Srbije" 19/10/2019

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Dan razmene semena i izložba "Stare sorte Srbije"

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