This is how people get ready for the eventual eviction (Photo by Sofia Gatica – Source: http://diariomontecristo.com/nacionales/alerta-roja-en-el-acampe-de-monsanto-por-inminente-desalojo/)

Since mid 2012 the people of Malvinas Argentinas – Cordoba, together with a long list of groups, organizations and individuals, have been protesting outside Monsanto’s planned site for “the largest seed plant in the world”.

Their stand against Monsanto is well justified: For years the people living near GM soybeans plantation areas have been subjected to toxic agricultural chemicals sprayed indiscriminately in and around their communities. The result has been a measurable rise in cancer rates, neurological and respiratory diseases, birth defects and infant deaths.

Now the Province of Cordoba has issued a court order to remove the group of protesters, stating that Monsanto must have “free passage” to the property to continue construction on their proposed plant.

However, according to Dario Avila, lawyer for the Mothers of Ituzaingó, this new court order is illegal and contradicts a previous order passed by the Province.

In 2014, the Environment Secretariat rejected an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) prepared by Monsanto for the proposed seed plant because Monsanto’s EIA did not fulfill the necessary safety requirements.

While Monsanto has yet to provide any guarantees to the people of Malvinas Argentinas, the new measure states that those who have been “blocking” the entrance of the site must evacuate within 24 hours.

If they do not evacuate, “government forces may be implemented to carry out the eviction.”

The Mothers of Ituzaingo, along with others involved in the protest are calling on all citizens of Cordoba and Argentina to support their action and join them at their camp.

Prominent politicians and engaged organizations are also calling for an end to the repression of those rightfully protesting the Monsanto plant.

Composed by Camilla Becket (The Seeds of Vandana Shiva), translations by Seed Freedom
Info source: http://diariomontecristo.com/nacionales/alerta-roja-en-el-acampe-de-monsanto-por-inminente-desalojo/


“After the request for annulment made ​​by the lawyer Dario Avila  the resolution issued by Chiapero was temporarily suspended. The Camp issued a statement declaring that a permanent assembly has been established”
(Source: http://diariomontecristo.com/sin-categoria/seguimos-en-alerta-a-la-respuesta-y-a-seguir-convocando-para-asistir-al-bloqueo/)

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