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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagraha in Champaran against the forced cultivation of indigo, Navdanya along with other civil society organizations,  farmers,  economic democracy movements,  universities and state governments undertook on 13 April a 10-day pan-India pilgrimage, a Satyagraha Yatra,  to promote Gandhian philosophy of Swaraj (sovereignty), Swadeshi (indigenous) and Satyagraha (force of truth).

Satyagraha Yatra on Navdanya website

Satyagraha Yatra: Tamil Nadu farmers’ protest

13 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra: Remembrance of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre & celebration of Organic Baisakhi

14 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra: People’s Assembly at Assi Ghat, Benaras, India

15 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra: People’s Assembly in Patna, Champaran, Chapra

16-18 April 2017

Dr Vandana Shiva’s message for the Monsanto Tribunal advisory legal opinion release

18 April 2017

Pan-India Yatra reaches Kolkata to spread the message of  Gandhian philosophy of Swaraj, Swadeshi and Satyagraha

19-20 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra – March on the Salt Satyagraha Road

21 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra – Mother Earth Declaration

22 April 2017

Satyagraha for a hunger-free India

By Dr Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 20 April 2017
Launch of our book “Biodiversity, agro-ecology and Indigenous knowledge” in Odisha
24 April 2017

Art 3 j of India’s Patent Law, central to our national sovereignty and national interest

Reflections on the conclusion of the Satyagraha Yatra By Dr Vandana Shiva, 25 April 2017

Satyagraha Yatra Campaign page

Satyagraha Yatra 2017, a pilgrimage for Seed Freedom and Food Freedom

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